Hunting isn’t about Killing, Hunting is about Hunting
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For hundreds of years, man has hunted for food to exist. In these modern days, hunting has become a sport that many enjoy but others think it is unnecessary since plenty of food is provided locally. But those past traditions must be carried on to maintain conservation of our wild game. To abandon such heritages would allow the wild game to perish due to over breeding, over feeding, starvation and residential expansion. Hunters are the first and best conversationalists to sustain a healthy population of wild game. Through strict controls and selective harvesting our wild game have increased to numbers never before seen. Their quality of life is risen to new heights. The harvesting of wild game provides healthy food and gives us the ability to survive on our own. These traditions must never be lost. This book explains those traditions in an interesting way and makes great reading for people who enjoy the outdoors. It gives plenty of hints and answers to hunting and life in the outdoors. It is told in short stories and many wonderful hunts. It also brings up reasons to hunt and things that many people do not know. It will be a joy for anyone to read if they are hunters or not hunters.
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