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SONGS for the SOUL A lyrical Revolution: Vol ll continues its inspirational quest to a better understanding. A laymans view of the connection between Religious ideology and Philosophical beliefs; which, question mankind's dedication in the use of "Rationalization", in order to justify wrongs committed against GOD'S Commandments.
My intent is not to convince but rather be that electrical shock that's incurred sometimes when individuals touch, that quick notification where being alert rises a point or two and avoidance of repetitive incidences are checked and noted.
This book represents an appreciation for "FREE WILL". A series of lyrical compositions designed to examine mankind's belief in the Religious and Philosophical identification that is prevalent within our society. The ability to distinguish between right and wrong and the constant use of rationalization regarding moral and ethical issues has become a Christian blueprint for success, which, enables the weak-minded to believe, "GOD will understand".
Here's a news bulletin: "GOD WILL NOT UNDERSTAND!" Point being, why does he have too? What have you done for GOD lately? Vol.ll engages the reader to step above conventional; beliefs, theory and wisdom and enlist his/her ability to "THINK". Take what you have learned and believe and search for your truth, Faith demands it.
There comes a time in one's life when the only exit to reality is the door he/she opens and walk through. If we remain behind then our search for truth no longer exists. This book is entertaining reading, a mixture of reality and depth and although it is a truth I see, it is one I graciously share with you, the reader. My purpose is not to sway one's belief, but to at least engage in the realization of the multi-dimensional aspects of living a worthy life. The idea is to become HUMANE.

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