Keys On The Piano (when black and white play together)
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Here I sit, thinking over my life; remembering sweet memories of yesterday. They say it takes a minute to find a special person ... An hour to appreciate them ... A day to love them ... And an entire lifetime to forget them ... and this is the exact reason I put this next book of mines together. Sounds like some bull shit don't it. Yeah you think about them ... but they too soon become a memory. I got out there and checked things out for myself. I had to know, if it was like everyone said it was. I got to experiment with a lot of things. I even found the perfect name for this book. "Keys on the Piano (when black and white play together)”. Man I tell you this book has been written to entertain you, but it's up to you to figure out what's real and what's not. Hey, what if you met someone, that gave you a different view from what you said, you wouldn't do? What if you met someone, which had nothing, but love to give? Would you go or stay? Did you know that love comes in all shades of colors, even when you’re not looking for it? The one person you think isn't what you’re looking for, can inspire your life in many ways. What if a man or woman walked into your life and showed you that love knows no colors, when it comes to matters of the heart? Would you jump at the chance, or walk away wondering?
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