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In the heartland of Africa, adherence to the prevailing cultural values and the African traditional religion are treasured. A male child is born after nine years of fruitless marriage to a polygamous traditionalist who comes into conflict with the nascent and attractive Christian religious faith. The child grows up after a kidnap and a failed attempt at selling him into slavery. A conflict of religion, tradition, and social status build up after the child decides to become a priest and adopt the culture of the oyibo (white) man. A taste of the West by this rustic but bold young Christian boy from a predominantly pagan background works toward mutual amalgamation of the traditional beliefs and the technological culture of the oyibo man. Through the agency of this young village boy who was, at one time, transported for scores of miles inside a jute bag at the carriage of a bicycle, tremendous and almost unimaginable positive changes begin to occur in the backwoods of Umunta.
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