The book introduces three parts of telecommunications.Analog Telecommunications – Signals and spectra; linear-continuous andexponential waves modulations; AM and FM systems’ noise; TDM and FDM; pulsemodulation; sampling theorem; pulse amplitude and pulse width modulations; pulseposition and pulse code modulations; PSK; FSK; data transmission; base-band transmission;error control; circuit noise; noise sources; noise fi gure; and noise temperature.Digital Telecommunications—Elements of a digital telecommunications system;digital modulations; delta modulation; phase shift keying techniques (BPSK, DPSK,QPSK, DQPSK, DEPSK, M-array PSK); frequency shift keying (BFSK, M-array FSK);QAM; multiplexing techniques; information theory and coding; amount of information;information transfer rate; baud rate; channel capacity and Shannon theorem; codingeffi ciency; error probability; error detection; and error correction.Multimedia Telecommunications – Telecommunications in the context ofmultimedia systems.
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