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Every incident and event talked about in this book really didhappen. For a long time I could do little to establish that what Isaid was in fact the case. Now, through the freedom of information actI am able to substantiate everything I say.If anybody wishes to verify this, particularly organisations like:G.D.C., G.H.B., S.D.E.B., the R.D.O. service in Scotland, D.P.S.and Scottish Home and Health, as well as members of the public,particularly those affected by these events, consult my website:grampiandentalscandal.co.uk.Although it is quite substantial, I think you will find all you require tosatisfy any doubts you might have about the truth of what was reallygoing on and for how long it was allowed to continue unfettered. M.N.was the tip of an Iceberg.Through the course of my career, from time to time, people would askme why dentists seemed to suffer a lot with bad backs? The answerwas simple; “Because they are spineless fuckers!” I would reply.If you think that this was the end of it, think on. On my return toEngland after a short while events similar to these started to happenall over again. This time I was ready, and what’s more I had acquired afifth columnist. Book two will be called “The Mole” I can assure youit will be every bit as intriguing.
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