Dr. Thiru's Golf Quiz both asks and answers 100 fascinating questions about the game of golf. Questions encompass interesting golf trivia including the history of the game.Author Dr. M.O. Thirunarayanan, an avid golfer and university professor, provides an interesting and fun way to teach either the well-practiced or beginning golfer the little-known facts of the game of golf. Samples of included questions follow:What is the penalty if a golf ball falls down accidentally from the tee before it is addressed?Of all the presidents until the end of the twentieth century, which president of the United States is considered to have been the best golfer?What are the odds of a golfer hitting a hole-in-one?Who won the first Women's British Open Championship?What is a "gutty"?If you just can't get enough of golf by swinging your club out in the warm sunshine, then Dr. Thiru's Golf Quiz will provide you with enough knowledge of the game to impress all your golfing buddies the next time you're on the course!
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