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In the art world, law enforcement is often portrayed as an abusiveinstitution. However, the writing of peace officer Corbet Dean has deeplyaffected many of the experts:"Corbet transcends stereotypes, shifts paradigms, and genuinely reaches.Him and faith, they've got the same hunger-punch."-Buddy Wakefield, Individual World Poetry Champion"Corbet Dean is an example of slam's original intention: to give a voice topeople from all walks of life, and to find a choir of truth in what we all say."-Marc Smith, founder of the Poetry Slam"Very few poets have been down his road. No one else can tell hisstories. Corbet has a voice that goes back in time, to those momentswe avoid and forget. He goes there so we don't have to. And if you dogo, he's willing to stand with you and be the light. If you don't getCorbet Dean, you're probably lost. This here is one of my favorite humans.Let him guide you."-Mighty Mike McGee, Individual World Poetry ChampionA Collection of Crime Scenes provides compelling stories about love,philosophy, and law enforcement. By communicating the heart and detailof such complex issues, Corbet Dean offers an unforgettable glimpse aturban life through the eyes of a police officer.
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