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Tales from the Heart: A Collection of Short Stories varies in subject matter, reflected by a brief synopsis listed below. "The Woman Called Mother." The memories of events that now take on a new awareness when a discovery of photos appear, to an aging daughter."Redefining Sara." A writers trip home, a romance, and a chance for a new life."Tea Leaves Never Lie." Some times, we wish they would."Passover Memories." A picture into a world of love and good food."My Cousin's Visit." Lost loves and passions unfulfilled."On the Eve of Christmas." The wonder, hope, and expectations of a child on a special day."The Easter Hunt." Frolic and fun of childhood memories."Speak Louder Please." The adventure of one woman's search for a cure for a hearing loss."Reluctant Grandma." Dealing with time and aging."A Voice from the Past." Coping with loss, love, and the struggle for survival."Between Us Women." Confessions and conversations of two elderly ladies over lunch.
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