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In the last six years, Nigeria has broken the grip of dictatorship, poverty, and corruption to emerge as one of Africa's most peaceful nations. A role model for other developing countries, Nigeria now enjoys its position as a peace and power broker, defying the odds of its past.Home to the world's greatest concentration of black people and led by President Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria now enjoys economic prosperity and the fruits of democracy. But these successes were fraught with challenges. The denigration and stereotyping of black people created a constant barrier to change, one that was not easily overcome. Dr. Jubril Olabode Aka delivers a compelling portrayal of Nigeria, focusing on the country's emerging force for tolerance and hope. Aka discusses such topics as peaceful conflict resolution, Nigeria's foreign policy, the government's success in eliminating fraud and corruption, and the need to eradicate discrimination. Blacks Greatest Homeland examines Nigeria's history, leadership, and future, offering an honest and positive look at the sweeping changes Nigeria has made in the last decade.
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