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Go with Inez in her fascinating journey in the spiritual realm. She encounters visitations from angels of different forms and at various times. The angels give protection, instruction and warnings. Inez has experienced exceptional dreams that provide information of present, past and future events. They also give information and instructions to her personally and for the benefit of others. The dreams are vividly portrayed and the meanings explained. The visions are myriad in type and the method of reception is depicted in clear language. They open a visual comprehension for Inez to be able to make decisions that affect her life personally and her relationships and interactions with others. These revelations guide in determining the path for her to take. They speak of every day simple matters and also reveal profound spiritual truths. The visitation of angels, the dreams and the visions are presented in biblical similitude. Their main function is as messages to the body of Christ. They are given to her so that she may be able to write the vision and make it plain. Every person regardless of age and belief will enjoy accompanying her on the interesting road she travels.
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