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There is no doubt that life in the United States has undergone significant changes through the years. Many wonder what the future holds, and J. P. Hingst is no exception. In Common Sense, he explores the current condition of the United States as it relates to the founding fathers' ideas and intentions.Common Sense discusses politicians, the media, lawyers, businesses, and large organizations and how they try to control the public with taxes, laws, and policy. It looks beyond what these groups say their goals are and points out the unintended effects they have on the general population and peoples' individual rights.Dozens of examples and stories by Hingst provide a clear picture of common topics including:DrugsTraffic lawsBureaucraciesSocialismGroup dynamicsEducationSocial skillsCommon courtesiesCommon senseAlthough there are no absolute solutions, the real answer is to be sure the consequences are not worse than the original problem. Common Sense encourages you to take a broad and critical look at what the leaders in America are saying and attempt to understand what is really happening or could happen in the future.
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