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Are you a musician? Are you a Christian musician? Are you using your gift in your service to God? Why? Because you feel like? Because it seems the right thing to do? And if you're not, why not?Has God's work kept you very busy for a long time? Are you doing the same old thing the same old way, but don't know how to change? Are you dissatisfied like there should be more? Are you wondering why you do what you do at all? What's it really all for?Do you feel like it's just too much work? Not enough rewards? Are you thinking of giving it up; doing something else?Do you suffer performance blocks- anxiety attacks, selective memory loss, panic attacks? Have you tried hard to overcome these with little or no success?Read this book.It will open up your mind and raise your understanding of yourself and of what you do. It will give you a once-and-for-all opportunity to change and position yourself to experience continuing inspiration from the Holy Spirit.It will give you the information you need to complete and express your divine ministry.Read it.
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