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He played deception like music, the way Miles played hishorn. Every note moved her until she almost had no willof her own.Pregnant and alone, 26 year old Dahlia Reynolds recounts theevents that led to her imprisonment in Thailand, an unlikely placefor a Sista from Waycross, Georgia. Nervously awaiting the ultimatepunishment, Dahlia realizes how far she is from Washington, DC,her best friends, Stacy and El, her job as a Pentagon analyst andfrom Antoine Blackwell, her occasional lover. This could be the endof a journey full of treachery and deceit launched by a mystery fromher family's past and a quilt she inherited from a slave ancestor, allstarted with a chance encounter with a much older man.Mackenzie Powell stole Dahlia's heart and holds the key to atreasure that made her an unknowing pawn in a high stakes gameof murder and intrigue that began deep inside a South African minebefore she was born. Dahlia was swept away by the Bentley drivingMackenzie's classy good looks and debonair charm, but "Mac" hasa secret and only The Stone has the power to unlock it and makesense of what appears to be a series of unrelated events. Shewonders: Is Mac hero or villain?
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ISBN: 9780595899814
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