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"There is a purpose and a Truth behind everything you do." In this unique dialogue, Heather Wallace shares the wisdom and guidance that she has channeled from Divine Source. The time has come for people to actively seek and embrace the Truth about who they are: magnificent, eternal beings of love and light. Through this dialogue between the author and Source, your tremendous creative power is explained. As you are connected to Source-to All That Is-you have the power to create each and every one of your experiences. Learn how to harness your power to create experiences of love and joy and eliminate once and for all the discord in your life. Explore for yourself the many truths revealed here-for they are the seeds of change. From planetary ascension to the struggles in your daily life, the Truth is revealed here to help you shift your perspective from one of ego-identification to one of self-centeredness. Share in this dialogue with us and explore the beautiful, divine reality of who you are.
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