Three Days for Goodbye
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As I sat waiting, I became more and more dazed and distant. I quietly prayed as I thought about Dad and all that he means to me.On a warm August morning in 1997, thirty something author Bryan Hogan woke suddenly to the sound of his mother's panicked voice as she frantically tried to awaken his lifeless father, Bill. In that sad moment, life for the Hogan family was forever changed.After a day of profound grief, Bryan fell asleep feeling empty and exhausted. To his disbelief, he awoke after a full night's sleep to find that his deceased father was still alive. But how could that be? Was his unexpected passing just part of a bad dream? As Bryan's story unfolds, share in the joys and sorrows of his family as they relive treasured memories and create new ones that will allow Bill to live on in their minds.A personal story about Bryan's relationship with his aging father, Three Days for Goodbye is a poignant testament to family, faith, and hope, in which fiction and reality intertwine to create a compelling tribute to the Hogan family patriarch.
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ISBN: 9780595824076
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