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Using material from history, economics, sociology, and political science, Professor George Alan Hickrod weaves a structure that might be called "Applied Liberalism" in An Embattled and Unapologetic Liberal.This groundbreaking work comprises unpublished material and editorials previously published in two McLean County, Illinois, newspapers, The Pantagraph and The Normalite. Professor Hickrod addresses a wide range of public policy issues from a liberal point of view.Hickrod addresses the following public policy questions: What do Liberals believe, and what might be the future of the Democratic Party? Why is the increasing inequality of wealth and income so dangerous to the Republic? What is wrong with the school funding system in Illinois, and how can we correct it? What is wrong with the way we formulate foreign policy in this nation, and what specifically went wrong in the Iraq War? What is the proper relationship of religion to governance?Not intended only for academia, An Embattled and Unapologetic Liberal is for the general public, progressive Republicans, and liberal Democrats.
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