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The world is facing a critical wake-up call. We are being called upon to change. What is the answer? More money? More needs? More materialism? More technology? In Volume 2 of the “Teachings of Tony Samara” series Tony continues to gently encourage us to understand the depth of who we really are and to experience the Divine in each and every moment by explaining about: How to Clear the Lingering DebrisThe Breath Behind the BreathDismantling the Ego StructureConscious SexualityThe Song of the AngelsChanging HabitsThe Sacredness of LanguageSelfishness, Suicide, Passion, Spiritual Masters, Death, TheMeaning of Life and much more. With the importance of transformation paramount in the exciting times we are living in, Tony Samara, a living spiritual master, who has chosen to incarnate at this time to realize the evolution of human consciousness, urges us to take the simple steps to freedom NOW but shares with us that this takes a deep belief in ourselves. Be courageous. It is easier than you think.
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