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The book is set during the Bosnian conflict, Christmas 1992 to the summer of1993. A sad housewife of 43 and a Captain based in the capital of Croatia resume their pen friend status from another war in the Gulf 18 months prior to this one. But, differently from before, they found during this correspondence both realized how alike they are in many slightly unusual ways, one of Psychic powers, another of deep, dark emotions, hidden away from the prying world because their lifestyles demanded a different person to be on view to the public, so the real people never managed to escape from this ‘’world’’ of theirs.Both love music, but unaware, until now, how similar their tastes are. The letters that go between these two, basically, sad people gradually reach a crescendo of emotions which they do not understand but don’t want to relinquish these wonderful but hurtful feelings they have for each other, but the day comes when they both have to make heart wrenching decisions on their future---together or apart.
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ISBN: 9781467888530
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