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White Fire is a book that literally had to be written. To say the author was commanded to write it would be an overstatement---but not by much. While meditating one morning, he saw himself sitting at a table strewn with papers. A tall man walked up to him, lay down a black pen, and said, “Write, it’s important.” Using black pens, he wrote a story six long, legal pads in length. That was the beginning of White Fire. He didn’t realize what was so important until he had to organize all that had happened to him into some sort of cohererency. It was important that he make some order out of his white light and out-of-body experiences. To say nothing of the ongoing dreams he was having. White Fire is visionary fiction, meaning there is much truth woven into a story line. He couldn’t write it as truth because he thought no one would believe him so fiction was what he chose. But the words of Talva, the herb doctor, Rocking Bear, the Hopi Master, Pan, the CEO of Nature and Isis, the first daughter of the Ancient of Days may be taken as truth. They come from the book Morals and Dogma of the Scottish Rite Free Masonry, the Gnostic teaching of the Nag Hammadi Library and the personal experiences of the author. White Fire offers simple truths that are needed today for the times immediately ahead of us.
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