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Achievable Wealth is a book for the average American. It designed to help the working man or woman that wants more than the deferred life plan of our fathers and grandfathers; working 30 to 40 years in a career that they don’t like waiting for a retirement that may not happen. Whether you call it wealth, financial freedom or living life by design, this book will help you create income streams from work you are passionate about, invest your money wisely by getting it out of the stock market and investing in more stable investment using a Self-Directed IRA and securing your future whether you want to retire full-time or Semi-retire and never quit what you love to do. Unlike other books, Achievable Wealth will not teach you the art of Penny Pinching the way to Wealth and Retirement. In life there are the Savers (penny pincers), the Spenders (those that like Ned in the book that spend more than they make) and those that achieve wealth by with a balance of being wise with their money and increasing their income by increasing the worth of your time.
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