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QUEST OF THE VAMPIRE TRILOGY VAMPIRE’S REQUEST – VOLUME IIThree years later. Paulette is no longer running lost through the forest. She is insane due to her secret. She is nineteen and attractive; a temptation for all vampires in Sanctuary. Only her faith can keep her safe for so long as her madness reaches out to a stranger in her nightmare and beckons him forward from the shadows of her mind.Answering her call, the master vampire returns to his town. Thomas Montford is back from the dead with a vengeance. He has his own agenda for he knows what he wants and he takes what he likes. He harbours one craving and has one persistent desire – as beneath the English Rose - virgin blood still flows…As the vampires flit around the virgin like moths to a flame, Paulette needs all her faith to stay alive, lest they singe their wings. Other books in Quest of the Vampire Trilogy:QUEST OF THE VAMPIRE VOL IREQUIEM FOR THE VAMPIRE VOL III
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