Once a Marine
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The events of World War II thrust young Marine Corps recruit Ralph T. Eubanks into a world he could not have imagined as a boy growing up on a farm in western Arkansas. This firsthand account of his experiences — based on recollections, research and numerous letters to his family and sweetheart back home — chronicles the tense and uncertain years of his service in the Marines. Eubanks describes his admiration for the traditions and glorious history of the Marine Corps that convinced him to join. We follow the adventures of this young recruit through his weeks of boot camp, intense training as an aviation ordnanceman, service in the Pacific combat zone, marriage to Betty Carty, trials of officer candidate school, preparations and execution of the occupation of Japan, and his eventual return to civilian life. Along the way, the farm boy from Arkansas is transformed into a model soldier who lives the maxim “once a Marine, always a Marine” the rest of his life. This is a rare glimpse into the everyday trials of a World War II Marine during one of our country’s most trying periods.
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