To the Church at Laodicea
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To the Church at Laodicea serves to warn Christians and non-Christians alike against lukewarm worship that has become rampant in mega-churches throughout the nation. The mega-church mentality has significantly infiltrated society's view of a relationship with Jesus Christ and has turned the relationship into a man-centered religion. Complete with material wealth, programs, retreats, and activities, the mega-church has developed a customer-friendly, watered-down gospel that emphasizes comfort at the expense of a living sacrifice. This wrongful approach to Christianity has provided many an unbeliever with a false security of his salvation. They have gladly accepted the errant implication that Jesus will save them to live however they please. The mere size of the population and budgets of the mega-churches have accommodated this implication by eliminating any accountability for holiness and church participation. Bearing the cross for Jesus amidst suffering, persecution, and pain has been severely limited if not altogether eradicated by the mega-church tendency. For that matter, true believers in Christ have been rendered more and more ineffective as soldiers of the cross because they have been subjected to less and less spiritual warefare while under the comfort of mega-church worship. This book allegorizes these all too important concepts, reminding the reader of the reality of spiritual warfare and the deceptions that the devil is so eager to spread on the unsuspecting masses caught up in lukewarm worship. It attempts to caution people everywhere about the dire necessity to assess who is truly head of their churches.
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