In The Thick of Things
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"In The Thick of Things" is a journey of hope, faith, courage and determination. The writer walks with you slowly, provocatively and elicits in you the feeling and the assurance that you can achieve whatever you set your sights on, your present circumstances notwithstanding. You are invited and encouraged to think and act creatively, courageously and purposively, unhindered by local prejudices and limitations that prevent us from reaching our full human potential. You are provided with a glimpse of what others have been through and yet they continue to persist and to endure. As a result, they have succeeded in immeasurable ways on myriad fronts that include having the courage and the ability to tell you their story. What we consider to be success is re-examined and redefined with a new freshness. This autobiography exposes fearlessly and dramatically the life experiences of the writer and his relatives since 1886. In the process, the book not only captures in a highly authentic way historic moments and record of events and their impacts on the people socially, economically and politically but also preserves a people's literature. Our two societies in the less developed world and in the west are examined and castigated for not fully seizing opportunities for mutual good due to limitations inherited from our ancestors. “In The Thick of Things” is different. It provides a truly genuine, albeit unflattering perspective of two worlds. It not only praises but also admonishes our cultural systems. In a rather fervent manner readers are persuaded to free themselves from the shackles of conventional norms that prevent us from challenging status quo. This book is loaded with general education, fun, historical perspectives, amusement as well as an indepth philosophical outlook to life. You are entertained page after page.
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