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Are you one of those guys who doesn’t wash his hands after he flushes, and then greets people with a warm handshake? When you chew, does food fly out of your mouth and land on the person sitting across from you? Is your idea of fun passing gas in the office elevator?Perhaps you consider yourself a perfect gentleman, but have no tolerance for those who fail to wave “thanks” when you let them merge into traffic. Do you fume when people don’t thank you for holding the door open for them? Instead of getting upset, rest assured that you now have somewhere to turn.If any of these qualities sound familiar, please allow Martin Stuart to intervene. His latest book, Etiquette for the Average Joe Volume 2, offers another 100 chapters on modern etiquette, each illustrated with an amusing cartoon—quite possibly the most fun and effective way for a young man to learn how to become a gentleman.Don’t worry—Martin’s advice won’t hurt. In fact, if you heed his words, life will actually become better. Think back to all the women you’ve scared away with your bad manners…now, imagine all the women you can impress with your new ability to put the toilet seat down after you use it!Miracles do happen, even to sloppy, ill-mannered men, but they won’t happen unless you carefully read and commit to following the advice in this humorous how-to guide. Not only will women feel better about you, but—more importantly—you will feel better about yourself.
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