Have you ever been cheated on? We enter relationships hoping our mates do not cheat and give them all of our trust instead of making them earn it. When we do get cheated on, we never look at what could have been done by ourselves to prevent them from hurting us. In “THE BLACK BOOK: How Not To Get Cheated On”, you will find out how to recognize a potential cheater by first understanding why we cheat and understanding our needs that need to be satisfied to keep us happy. Second, you will learn what signs to look for in a potential cheater, what questions to ask yourself, and what to do and what not to do when searching for a mate. For those in a relationship or marriage, the secrets are revealed on how to keep your man or woman from even fantasizing about what is on the other side of the fence. Black usually symbolizes death. “THE BLACK BOOK” will kill the cheating that may be going on in your relationship. It is filled with tons of useful information. Read it. Enjoy it. Use it. It’s hot I tell ya, it’s hot!
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