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Urban Poetry Meant 4 Music
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The poetry in this book was first created as Therapy rhymes. BUY THE BOOK! sorry :( ~ Book Intended for 18+Sensei Saji started writing rhymes and stories, movies and songs, poems and much more as a way of releasing his negative energy into a positive force.In pure darkness the light was found.The pen to the pad creates Poetry or Spoken word, which is Sadiyq's way Of releasing the beast within in a positive way . All the drama Sadiyq has seen and lived In his years of life is what he writes about from all and any subject(s), A –Z. Sadiyq releases the "BEAST" as the pen makes love to pad baby…. Perceive, Believe and Achieve.THIS IS THE UN-CUT RAW VERSION -- (UN-Edited Version) of "Urban Poetry Meant 4 Music" -->Book Intended for 18 years of age and older <--
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