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Venture if you will into the thoughts of An Inmate who has spent over 20 years of his life behind bars. Three of them on Death Row. Hear for yourself his emotions , what he deals with in his day to day lifestyle. Hear what its like to sit hour after hour behind bars not knowing what the next moment holds. Experiece the loneliness and frustrations of everyday prison life where death and torment and games are a way of life. You either fit in or you don't. Try and imagine yourself in a world where the free world is no longer available to you. Your days are filled with long endless moments and your nights are sleepless due to fear and screams down the hall. you are no longer a person but a number in a system that is filled with rules and regulation. No lee-way available, every rule is followed to the hilt. Once your in, your in, until your time is done freedom is the thing of the past.
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