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WASTE NOT, WANT NOT In the world of bailouts, stimulus packages, CEOs million dollar bonuses, comes more news to ponder and think about. More than thirty four percent of all Americans over the age of twenty-one are classified as being obese. These are not my thoughts or observations; they are statistics that can be viewed and found by anyone that wants to see! They are just facts! Waste Not, Want Not just brings to light some things that most people already know. Public knowledge and putting it together can be interesting and frightening at times, but can be also very informative. Knowledge is power??? To everyone that has read my first book, Pushing the Envelope, welcome back to part two. For all you first time readers I hope that you enjoy the read. The main goal is to inform and educate the readers. Who knows, maybe the right person will pick up this book, read it and decide to make a change. CHANGE!! Why does this sound so familiar???
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ISBN: 9781467858519
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