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What is the distinction between reality and fiction? Sanity and insanity? These are the questions that twin siblings Jasmin and Herby find themselves attempting to answer. Jasmin writes in an attempt to understand what is true. She struggles to maintain separation between her scrambled memories and her grief stricken reality without losing herself in the process. Herby tries to answer most of the unanswered questions that Jasmins letters raise. He also battles between his sanity and insanity in his efforts to gain the love and affection of his beloved sister. He will eliminate any boundaries that come between him and what his heart longs for regardless of the consequences. However, what ails the two most is what has brought them to the mental torment they suffer. Their less than normal childhoods certainly did not foster reputable adulthoods. What confines Jasmin to her white prison? Who are her daily noonday friends that visit her at the cusp of her reality leaning over her imagination? What motivates Herby to want to destroy all those that stand in his way of pursuing his only love? Will he accomplish all that his soul desperately tries to fulfill? With all these unanswered questions and more, it is no wonder why the two bear the mental torment to which they are submitted.
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