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Cowardly pitchers de-brain batters at will! Pansy soccer players become high scorers in football! Slam dunkers shatter backboards and swing on the rim like orangutans! Tiger Woods proclaims himself the god of golf - and groveling media types help him hog all the glory! Youth league dads show their arses by engaging in knife/gun fights! And pay-per-view boxing fans have to endure ad nauseum pre-fight hype and first round knockouts! A pox on such entertainment robbing B.S! Why can’t we use common sense to solve some of these problems -- now! For starters: *Tear down the durn goalposts - permanently - and send the prissy kickers back to playing footie! *Outlaw the slamdunk - and move the baskets up to 12 feet! Long live the 3-pointer and the artful layup! *Round up batter asassians like Roger Clemens, and throw the bums outta the park! *Stop coddling Tiger and give other great players like Vijay their due! *And quit gouging fans with ridiculously high prices on tickets, beer and hotdogs! For goodness sake, stop ruining the entertainment value of sports!
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