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During one of his many failed job interviews, Travis Hanson panics after the employer asks him, “Tell me a little bit about yourself”, and ends up answering the question by telling his entire life story. From being kidnapped at age three, through being abused on different occasions, through being homeless for a year, through incessant social awkwardness, to learning how to deal with it all without the aid of any therapy, drugs or alcohol. He reveals every significant event, both good and bad, that has made him who he is today and is shockingly open and honest about telling all of this to a complete stranger.Life is full of ups and downs, that's just life. And whether we view them as positive or negative, events happen in our lives only when we are ready for them to happen and not a second sooner. It's not all about what happens to us, it's about how we react to those events that matters the most
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ISBN: 9781468540062
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