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The Constitution, regular Elections,two Parties, Checks and Balances, ourbrilliant Founding Fathers created thisNation through a Revolution to end allRevolutions. But did they?
What about America’s westward expansionat the early nineteenth century? Wasits excess within what the Constitutionenvisioned? The Civil War – it was as neara Revolution as it could get, but it failed tosplit or change the governance of America.What about exceeding Constitutionallimits through the ‘New Deal’ and the‘Great Society’ (from Wilson, Rooseveltto Johnson)? What about the Republican’sclaim Kennedy stole his Election, just asthe Democrats claim ‘W’ (G.W. Bush)stole his as well.
So we never ever had a Coup d’état oranother Revolution in America?
This time it was different! A Presidentwas shot and seriously wounded.Opportunistically a cabal took over hisAdministration. Ignoring Constitutionalprovisions of succession, they kept himsequestered at a secret, CIA operatedlocation; then with Unions’ help stole anElection – a Coup d’état! This held untila group of Patriots located and freed thePresident; he returned and battled to regainhis elected position. Yes, they even fought abattle on the White House Grounds roilingthe massed population. It was America’sFifth Revolution!
A Novel
Could it happen, or was it ‘Orson Well’sWar of the Worlds’ all over again?
Published: AuthorHouseBooks on
ISBN: 9781468532197
List price: $3.99
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