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What does an ancient Tibetan journal, found buried deep in a New Mexico cave, have to do with the lost years of Jesus' early life? Roger Holbrook, a university anthropology professor, doesn't know it but that is exactly what he'll discover. The Link takes Roger on a physical and spiritual journey across continents and time. Along the way he'll receive help from Mikhail, a Russian smuggler, Maggie, a beautiful art gallery owner, and La, an extraordinary Tibetan mountain guide. Together they'll face difficult challenges and challengers, including the Vatican, Tibetan Authorities and the Chinese Army. However, Roger will find that his greatest obstacle to success is himself. Ultimately, on a cold mountaintop in the Himalayas, in a lost Buddhist Temple, the truth will be revealed. Roger will find out who he really is and learn the secret that so many conspired to keep from him and the world.
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