Gabrielle Williams, a mildly disfigured eighteen-year-old, has never had sex, has never even been kissed, and okay, let's be honest here She's never even been noticed by the opposite sex.All that changes towards the end of her senior year. Gabrielle goes on her first date. Everything is fine until she blurts out that she suffers from a disease called Neurofibromatosis. The guy never calls again and Gabrielle assumes that a girl like her will never succeed in the game of love.To avoid all future pain, Gabrielle vows to never fall in love. She begins college knowing that the only way to prevent love from entering her life is to avoid all forms of romance and socialization. For Gabrielle, even reading a book with a romantic subplot can be dangerous. Who knows what kind of notions could creep into her head?Despite her best efforts, Gabrielle's plan fails. She finds herself madly in love and facing some very difficult decisions about honesty and acceptance.
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ISBN: 9781462076154
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