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Thirteen years ago Lena Donovan fell deeply in love with John Hamilton, her brother's best friend. He teased her, tormented her then ripped her heart out and left her to wallow in her own misery. Years later Lena became a cop and John became a pimple on the ass of society, a drug dealer. She aimed to put his ass behind bars and make him suffer as she had. But when she saw him after so many years, her heart melted and all she wanted was sex, any time, any place and it didn't matter how kinky!Lena aimed to bury John and his mistress for murdering her partner. To do this she was ordered by her superior to marry John. Both Lena and John are in for many surprises and twists of fate. Join Lena as she battles her way through countless lies and murder and while she's there, succumbs to some pretty erotic sex!
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ISBN: 9780595865567
List price: $3.99
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