Chocolate Sauce and Malice
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James Vandersagen, high-profile hard-ball player in TV, newspapers and communications technology, is visiting the set of a talk show called Come Home with Kate on JGV, his prime property. A large overhead mirror breaks loose, falls on Vandersagen and kills him. Kate Cassidy, the show host, is also hurt.The accident is quickly determined to be a murder, since the lashings holding the mirror were deliberately broken with remote-controlled explosive devices. Police also discover an open jar of poisoned chocolate sauce—meant for whom?A number of people are in the studio just before taping, some of whom have motive. All know their way about the JGV studios. Prime suspects are Adele Vandersagen, Jim's jealous wife, and the producer, Rudy Macklin. Also in the studio are Kate's father, Tom, a movie director and, coincidentally, his ex-wife, actress Maureen Cassidy.In the past, before marrying Tom, Maureen and Jim Vandersagen had a brief and steamy love affair. Tom and Maureen were divorced when Kate was twelve, but have remained doting parents to their only child.Kate, having been severely injured when the mirror fell, is concerned that she may have been the real target of the murderer. Later she has another brush with death. This time she's certain that it was she, not Vandersagen, who was the killer's true intended victim.
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ISBN: 9781462079643
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