Confessions To My People
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"Luqman's commitment to his dreams and ideals are intense and boldly honest. His focus is on his search and discovery of universal truth. Here, he offers a glimpse into the reality that all answers come from within; and each man (person) must connect to his or her own spirit in honesty and with an open mind in order to hear them. Hollywood is a fantasy that, if we allow it, can distract from the great creative medium that is within all of us to build for ourselves. In the footsteps of Luqman, (moving in his own footsteps, as with each of us) lies even greater hope and truth."Marla GibbsActress, Community Activist, and friend togenerations as Florence on The Jeffersons,Mary on 227, and D. L. Hughley's mother onThe Hughley's.
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