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What if you find the woman of your dreams and are then diagnosed with degenerating blindness? What if this could mean that you may never see your unborn baby's face?In this entertaining and engaging love story, The Fade follows the life of Patrick Bryce. A sales trader by profession and working on the West Coast Patrick finds himself forced East after a buyout that leaves him in New York City alone, single and suffering from numerous lifestyle founded neuroses. It is then that he meets Olivia, a brash and overconfident local and her bitter cat, Tinsel. Their touching and unique love affair runs before learning to walk and soon they are cohabiting and pregnant, an unplanned yet welcome event for both before Patrick is diagnosed as a having a variant of Stargardt's Disease, a strain that causes complete blindness leading him to embark on a journey of rediscovery.
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ISBN: 9780595601783
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