Pulp Graffiti is a fresh and humorous combination of karma, the butterfly effect, and chaos theory that will compel you to ask, "Would the dancing virgin have jumped off the bridge if Roger hadn't farted." Better yet, what would have been the consequences of Cherry Sue Brown keeping her panties on instead of ending up wearing Cheryl Thompson's panties with the three-girl, four-boy, multipartner DNA collection on them? This comic tragedy of Cherry Sue's fall combines with the tragic comedy of Billy Gale's less-than-immaculate conception to explain why bad things happen to good people.Billy Gale just wants to know who his father is. His innocent search and consequential visit with Michael Bell, jolts this old flame of his late mother into a sudden midlife crisis that leads to a memory lane exposé of the "me" generation and an old-world quest for the missing "something more" Michael later wishes he had less of.Whimsical indictment of the human need for hedonistic pleasure at the expense of others, is the common thread in fifteen connected vignettes of Pulp Graffiti that examine the intertwined lives of a dozen abnormally socially maladjusted young people living in the last quarter of the twentieth century.
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