John came behind Brianna and kissed her neck. The wine was making her feel dizzy, and daring. Just the anticipation of sex, of him touching her there without being able to move, had her squirming. She started playing gently with his manhood, and at first he was shocked, but she could feel him getting hard as a rock. He pulled down one of her straps, and sucked on one of her nipples. He took down her dress halfway—and noticed she was only wearing the tiny thong. He slid his fingers to her clit, and rubbed gently...she couldn’t breathe. She began to moan, urging, asking him for more. He pulled her thong to the side, an inserted one of his fingers. He was driving her crazy! He licked one breast, and then the other, she was ready for him, and there was nothing else on her mind. If he looked into her eyes he would know the truth...he would know what she was….and just as she thought of it, he looked up, and at that moment she got ready for what was coming.
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