The webs of Shaitan pervade the horizon, catching and clutchingMuslims in rapid succession. Shaitan is a hunter: his arrows arethe eyes, the ears, the tongue, the stomach, the private parts,the hands and the legs. How safe are we from the traps of Shaitan? Howimmune are we from the arrows of enemy?This small book highlights, in a free and racy prose, the major areas whereShaitan penetrates souls and the routes of escaping him. The fi rst part,the web, examines the woe-bearing w’s in the hands of Shaitan: words,world, wealth, women and wine in the context of our modern world. Thesecond part, the way, aims at making Muslims retrace their steps toIslam. This it does by schematizing the imperative of knowledge, andamong other things, providing a number of tips on perfecting salat - thecriterion between kufr and Islam.
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