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Thomas D. Willhite is the founder of PSI World, a non profit service organization and PSI Seminars, a for-profit corporation that teaches and markets specialized self improvement courses to individuals and corporations worldwide.
Thomas Willhite was born on January 10, 1940 in a small farm house, during a raging blizzard in southeast Oklahoma. His parents, both a young age at the time of marriage, knew work early. Life was hard, food was scarce and jobs were even more scarce. Both parents had come from large rural families-miners and sharecroppers. His father and twin brother were the youngest of seven children. Having been raised on a small farm they we familiar with hard work. Thomas admired his parents for the courage and strength with which they faced hardships. Amid work and poverty they found joy, laughter and spiritual strength.
In the early years of his life his parents gave up farming and moved to southern California looking for a better life. Here he spent all his youth and teen years. Shortly after his eighteenth birthday life became abruptly more serious with marriage and the birth of a child. He held a variety of jobs during college: ambulance driver, store salesman, gas jockey - anything he could get.
In his late 20's he met a man who totally changed his way of thinking. This man he referred to as his "Tutor.” He was a man of humble beginnings. A man who applied many of the basic concepts that later became PSI teachings to achieve personal and corporate growth rarely matched in this world. Tomas learned the philosophy, checked the validity of it in his own life, and lived it.
In June of 1973 his tutor was killed in an accident. With the death of his tutor, most of the ties that held him to the company with which he was working became broken. Realizing that he was headed in a new direction and that it was time for a parting, Tom embarked on a new journey. Within weeks PSI World was formed. PSI Seminars followed that same year. Over the dining room table PSI became a reality. It consisted of two people, his wife Jane Corwin and himself, $200 capital and a dream.... a dream of the way people could live: a dream of the way a company could be. PSI was on its way.
Tomas D.Willhite died flying his bi-plane during an accident in 1983. His wife Jane C. Willhite has continued as CEO of PSI World and PSI Seminars. PSI grew to be a renowned worldwide corporation with over 500,000 graduates that continues to enrich lives, foster world peace, and contribute to projects that support communities.
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Motorcycle Training Manual by Thomas Willhite

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