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An honest, open, and no holds barred look at the current problems facing the American labor movement. The how and why of what labor unions are today. American labor unions can again be viable and successful in the future, if their leaders would only be honest with themselves, and face today's situation as it really is. This is my comprehensive guide for American labor unions to regain their lost membership, status, and success. Yes indeed, the age-old question revisited yet again; why can’t we all just get along? Why does it seem that everyone anywhere, must hate someone, anyone, somewhere, or anywhere? It is just so true today more than ever before, that what the world needs now is more love; not that of a physical or sexual nature, but nothing more than the uncomplicated and undemanding acts and emotions of simply not hating each other. Why are so many people so afraid of so many other people? Just think; if you hate me because I am different from you, does it not therefore mean that I could/would/should also hate you for being different from me?
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