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The Adventures of Curly Joe And Pete
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Curly Joe’s life had centered around the sametree for several years.  He would oftenstare down into the valley and wonder what was beyond those trees on the otherside of the field.  Many times he hadimagined that the woods were full of monsters ready to make their assault uponthe house at any time.  For the most part, though, life was pretty drab around that tree.  Then one morning a long, black sedan pulled up into the yard and parkednext to the old man’s pickup.  Asophisticated lady in a business suit got out of the car and opened the backdoor.  “You can get out now,” she said. “This is where you will spend the summer.  The Friedans haveagreed to be your foster parents until school starts.”  A young boy with flaming, red hair got out of the car and looked inCurly Joe’s direction.  He smiled andwaved.  Instantly Curly Joe began to feel that his life was about tochange.  The lady in the business suit shook hands with the Friedansand introduced them to the boy.  “Pete, this is Mr. and Mrs. Friedan.”As soon as he was unpacked, Pete was ready to untie Curly Joe and startexploring the woods.  However, Mr. Friedan had warned him about the squatter’s cabin and theIndian legend that accompanied it.  “Legend has it that an old Indian died in there about a hundred andfifty years ago,” explained Mr. Friedan.  “Everyone who enters it never comes back.”
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The Adventures of Curly Joe And Pete - Eugene Oscar

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