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The Word of The Maya
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THE WORD OF THE MAYA A unique and sublime perspective on the phenomenon of Time, the nature of the Mind, and how to surpass the tests of living in this day and time. It is direct and immediate news and direction on how to achieve fulfillment of your individual purpose and prepare you to ascend when this day is over. It is not obscure in what it portrays as the end of Today, but many may use it merely as a book of wisdom that helps them un­derstand life better today and over time. It is easy to describe what you can do with this book, but it is not easy to describe what this book does to you. You may be unable to fully comprehend its meaning as you read and work within, but you will immediately feel it changing you. It is not magic - at least not what you may believe magic to be, rather work that goes on all around you now and will con­tinue to evolve in time. Do you want to do more than you ever did before? Do you want to explore the world of metaphysics as if you could do all that it teaches you to do? Do you feel you are urged to read this? If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, you have passed the test and can become more closely connected to The Maya. Open, read, and discover why you are able to pass this test over time!
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The Word of The Maya - Ruth Lee

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