It cannot be stressed enough that parents contribute to society by raising children to be literate, responsible, disciplined, and law-abiding citizens. The positive impact of good parenting on society is immeasurable. As parents, you enter uncharted territory when a child enters your life. And like most parents, when you interact with your children, you rely on recordings in your mind of how your parents interacted with you. You use the good recordings and sometimes, unfortunately, the bad or unpleasant ones as well. Parenting: A Handbook with Ideas for Doing Your Best provides simple suggestions about how to show love, to teach, to protect, to discipline, and to encourage children to be the best that they can be. We urge parents to use this handbook as a guide for adopting new methods and ideas for building parenting skills in order to break negative parenting styles.Did you know that parents help change the world for the better just by being attentive and loving to their children? We hope this handbook will provide guidance as you work toward being the outstanding parent you want to be. Some pages will provide space for you to record your thoughts. As you do, think about what effect your parenting style has on your child or children.
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