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Holy Secrets, Holy Lies
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Thisbook is both shocking and challenging. It alerts readers to the terrifying andunsettling reality of cleric abuse. It also informs the reader to recognize apredator's methods of choosing, grooming and isolating a victim, along with anurgent appeal for victims to take a stand against the pervasive culture ofsilence that acts as a protection for the abuser. It is the true story of onewoman who unknowingly becomes the victim of a psychopath and then finds outthat she is one among many who have fallen under his evil spell. This storychronicles an on-going civil case in the Eastern part of the United States, where so far, 79 victims have come forward to thechurch and reported this particular offender. The facts are true. Names andlocations have been changed to protect onlythe victims. It is a must read for anyone who wants to understand thedisturbing issue of cleric abuse from the inside out!
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