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This Book was inspired by all the employers in my lifetime that either added to my knowledge and skills sets or sent me home in tears. As you read through this, I hope that one can find themselves in my story and be able to take away from it, some life changing, soul stirring , jaw dropping, thought provoking realizations that life is what you make it, not what it makes you!My goal was to create a book that would be a guide for women in the workplace or about to enter it. By sharing my journey and telling you about the people you will meet, I hope to shorten your learning curve and the path to success. Through this book, I hope to help other women achieve their true potential, and to be the person that God created them to be. You were not just another baby that was born, you were and are something very special and it’s time you found out just who you were meant to be.As you join me on this Journey, remember that there are no failures in life, just successes. Failures are just baby steps that we all must take to become something more.For those women with the Entrepreneurial spirit, I hope that The Last Box will provide you with the courage to take that Leap of Faith into exiting the corporate world and into your world.Entrepreneurialism is not for everyone. For those women who intend to stay in the corporate world, I hope that this book will be a constant resource for you to keep you headed in the right direction and away from the wrong people.
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